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CNT180 - Web Site Implementation and Management

CNT180. Web Site Implementation and Management (3). Initiation and organization of a Web site with a Web hosting provider. Emphasis on Web site administrative tasks such as folder and file organization, E-mail and FTP account management, and security settings using an industry standard Web site control panel. Includes installation of Web add-on applications and scripts and monitoring of Web site traffic statistics. This course is cross-listed with WEB180. Three lecture.

1. Domain name registration
2. Web hosting services
3. Directory organization
4. FTP settings and operations
5. Directory management
6. Email accounts
7. Basic HTML concepts
8. Web scripts
9. Web applications
10. Website traffic statistics
11. General account settings
12. Advanced features
13. Web site backup

1. Research and select a domain name. (1)
2. Research and select a Web host. (2)
3. Plan and implement a directory tree. (3)
4. Use and manage FTP. (4)
5. Manage file folders. (5)
6. Create and configure email accounts. (6)
7. Work with HTML to create basic Web pages. (7)
8. Install and customize CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts. (8)
9. Install, configure and customize Web applications. (9)
10. Analyze statistics, logs, and bandwidth server reports. (10)
11. Manage Web site account settings and observe server status. (11)
12. Configure advanced features. (12)
13. Back up a Web site. (13)

3.000 Credit hours
3.000 Lecture hours
0.000 Lab hours

Levels: Credit
Schedule Types: Lecture

Comp Tech & Instruct Support Division
Computer Networking Technology Department


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