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CNT135 - Security+:Implement and Maintain Network Security

CNT135. Security+: Implementing and Maintaining Network Security (3). Network security concepts, communication security, network infrastructure security, basics of cryptography and operational/organizational security. Emphasis on network authentication and authorization, securing network devices and services, virus remedies, preventing network attacks, and securing remote access. Prepares students for the Comp/TIA Security+ certification. Prerequisite: CNT115 or CNT140. Two lecture. Three lab.

1. Security elements
2. System Threats and risks
3. System protection
4.Network vulnerabilities and attacks
5. Network defenses
6. Wireless network security
7. Access control
8. Authentication
9. Vulnerability assessments
10. Security auditing
11. Cryptography basics
12. Cryptographic protocols and public key infrastructure
13. Business continuity planning and procedures
14. Policies and legislation

1. Define and describe the elements of network security. (1)
2. Identify system threats and risks. (2)
3. Configure security features for critical network infrastructure protocols and devices. (3)
4. Describe system vulnerabilities and types of attacks. (4)
5. Implement and configure network defenses. (5)
6. Configure and describe network security. (6)
7. Configure network access controls. (7)
8. Describe system authentication methods. (8)
9. Assess system vulnerability. (9)
10. Audit network and system security configurations. (10)
11. Define the elements of cryptography. (11)
12. Configure cryptography protocols and describe a public key infrastructure. (12)
13. Devise procedures for business continuity. (13)
14. Develop network security policies. (14)
3.000 Credit hours
2.000 Lecture hours
3.000 Lab hours

Levels: Credit
Schedule Types: Lecture/Lab

(Credit level CNT115 Minimum Grade of C or Credit level CNT140 Minimum Grade of C)

Comp Tech & Instruct Support Division
Computer Networking Technology Department


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